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Wink Re: Batman hits women?

^I'm not an expert... but I have a loose idea of what vengeance is... so I'd say you're incorrect.

Vengeance is not synonymous with hate. It's more about retribution. Vengeance doesn't require hate. It requires a need or desire to see justice done through excessive force, or in many cases, an act committed outside the legality of the law. Payback is another good word for it. It has little to do with "releasing tension caused by pain" in my opinion. Wrath can also be righteous, whereas hate is not.

I think you're getting a lot of terms and definitions a bit mixed up in your head my friend. You ignored most of what I said, and responded in kind to only what suited your own theories. I put a lot of effort into responding to you and brought up some valid (if not insightful points). I suggest you take that in instead of posing behind a broad question about whether or not I understand vengeance. I have a feeling you understand it less so than I do, otherwise you wouldn't have started the topic.


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