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Default Re: Rate and Review X-Men Origins: Wolverine! - Part 1

A complete disaster of a film. Monumentally incompetent in every conceivable way!

With over 4 years under its belt, it is safe to say that XMO: Wolverine has joined the infamous ranks of Mummy 3 as one of the single worst films to ever be put to celluloid.

Stunningly inept from the first frame to the final reel, ranging in everything from the atrocious acting to the clunky dialogue the mind-numbingly brainless story (complete with every badly conceived and executed cliche known to man and the most contrived, nonsensical plot threads ever put to paper) and, most notorious of all, the distracting, laughably bad special effects that are so astoundingly fake that they completely take you out of any sort of world they may have been attempting to draw you into.

Then again, considering the gross amount of one-dimensional, pointless filler characters they shoehorned into this travesty, that might have been a blessing.

Gavin Hood was given an exile to made-for-TV obscurity for years, and his return to cinema is to direct a film based on a sci-fi novel written by a notorious homophobe that no one else would touch with a hundred-foot pole. A fitting downfall for such an abomination of film-making!

"We'll never see Day-Lewis and Kubrick, we'll never see Kurosawa and Eastwood, but we have officially seen Bale and Nolan, a cinematic dream pairing come to life!"
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