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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman - Part 1

Originally Posted by SuperMan of Steel View Post
I´ve seen Star Trek into Darkness and it's awesome, beautiful (spok, the captain, the villain.. the best oh karl urban was great also) and way superior to Transformers 10000 times.. but I have to disagree to those who said STID is better than MOS.. first; people know about the characters (no comparisson) on STID already explained, on the other hand MOS was a new start.. second; ST fans can call it the better but I find it great but not as much as many people claimed to be.. the third act was pretty poor IMO (stID).. vfx were great on taking space ships.. has emotional charges (not as high as on MOS), talking about Sci Fi I would call STID the 2nd best movie of the summer after MOS... far far better from the rest....
P.S. can someone figure the villain actor from this movie to be Brainiac in, maybe WF or MOS3 or JL maybe... great talent from the guy..
Oh I almost forgot the blonde girl was PRETTY HOT AND SEXY WITH UNDERWEAR =)
Is this a running gag I'm not aware of? Why do you always repeat your posts in 5 different threads

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