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Default Re: Should Stryfe or Selene be the villain for the X-Force movie?

Originally Posted by usagicassidy View Post
Honestly, I could care less who the main guy characters are, as long as we get at least one bad-ass chick like Domino or Psylocke, and - this is important - they DON'T act like the "token female" of the group. X-Men films so far have done a very good job with that, I just don't want some Pepper Potts, Black Widow, Invisible Woman bullcrap.

For the villain, I would LOVE Selene. I think Stryfe would be odd for an intro movie.

And hell, if they did it right, think about the ability to bring back a character like Cyclops through Selene.

I also wouldn't mind at all a group like Friends Of Humanity/Purifies, like someone said with characters like Matthew Reismand or Creed.
With all the rumors of Fox building up to Apocalypse, X-Force should focus on Selene. Being one of the two oldest mutants could giver her a connection with Apocalypse where she commands Apocalypse's Dark Riders. Her agenda is to consume Cable's life force and powers to make herself into the most powerful mutant alive.

This combined with X5 which will have Sinister trying to thwart Apocalypse by harvesting the Morlocks' DNA to breed a clone army of invincible super soldiers. It isn't clear that he was opposing a larger threat until the end but he does manage to (allegedly) kill Angel.

X6 is the big showdown.

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