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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman - Part 1

Originally Posted by DaRkVeNgeanCe View Post
Ugh not to be mean or anything but she looks god-awful ugly there, though I've never found her to be an attractive woman.
Wow, I think Gina Carano is proper HOT. Each to their own though - I don't think she has the same 'classic' good looks as Cavill but there's definitely something about her.... I mean come on!

I really don't think she should be Wonder Woman though, having said that... I just don't think she looks right for the part, though I think she could be pretty good in the role in terms of physicality. It's hot how she could probably kick my ass no problem - and I didn't think I would ever think that about a woman! Maybe Cavill likes having a woman he can throw around without worrying about hurting lol

Also disagree with the OP about Cavill being stuck up. If anything it's the opposite... and yeah agree with Slumcat that he needs a good interviewer to bring him out, I think he's probably quite reserved by nature, at least initially, and also I really don't think he likes doing press, so he tends to stick to his prepared answers unless an interviewer is good and can get more out of him. Though my sister's friend was an extra on the Tudors in series 1 and 2 and had some very funny stories about him, so maybe he's just reserved in a professional sense...??

Also, we know how seriously he took the role of Superman and everything that went with it, so not sure how much he loved the questions that just took this piss like, 'Omggggg you're so hot, did you wear anything under your Supersuit??!!' or 'Is your Super-bulge real?? Or did you stuff it?' That particular interview did make me laugh though, the way Cavill just shot him down and walked off

Oh, re Gina Carano again, if anyone wanted a woman's interpretation of those photos (er......) my gf says judging by the pics they're not back together because a) he wouldn't have had time to rekindle the relationship and b) the pics are too 'flirty' to be them back together properly. Yeah, I dunno. But according to her (the GOSPEL! ) it's more a 'friendly' hookup. Which you wouldn't really say no to, would you?!

Just out of interest, who do you guys think would be good as WW for JL?

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