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Default Re: Poll:If DOFP Is a hit but Hugh jackman quits as Wolverine what do you think fox d

Don't put Wolverine in X-Force. Then recast for X5. Truth be told, Famke Jansson, Liev Schriber, Alan Cumming and Halle Berry are also getting too old and I think that James Marsden only has one or two more roles in him as Cyclops before he also gets recast.

At the same time, Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Cudmore, Anna Paquin, Mei Melcolan, Taylor Kitsch, Lucas Till, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Ellen Page, Ben Foster and Shawn Ashmore aren't too old yet so I hope that Fox keeps their finger off the reset button.

That and there's no age limit on Professor X or Magneto so Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen can remain provided that they both stay healthy.

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