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Default Is Svartalfheim and the other Nine Realms what you expected them to look like?

This thread is about the look/design of the nine realms and if they are what you expected them to look like.

Because Thor has such a massive, vast mythology with different realms, the filmmakers and concept artists need to figure out a way to make each realm look different and exciting and even though we haven't seen The Dark World yet, to me it looks like they are doing a great job with the designs of the different realms.

To me, when I think of Svartalfheim, I think of it to be slightly woodland, maybe even gothic like this image from Svartalfheim in Norse mythology.

But looking at that image, some people may say it looks a little like Mirkwood from The Hobbit, so maybe the filmmakers tried to get away from that and made it look more rocky with mountains and was filmed in Iceland.

My only problem that I have with the look of Svartalfheim that they seem to be going for in this film is that it looks a little more like the realm Hel, than the realm of the Dark Elves because if I was to look at this image for the first time, not knowing what realm it is, I would say it looks like Hel.

Also I think the green screen is a bit obvious in some shots in the trailers like these images below because the sky looks a little fake to me unless that look is intentional...

But one realm I LOVE the look of is Vanaheim because it looks very Viking/Medieval and it makes sense it would look like that because Vanaheim is a less advanced sister race of Asgard.

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