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Default Re: Team Bats or Team Supes / Team Clark or Team Bruce

Originally Posted by spider-neil View Post
I think the reason I am Team Bats over Team Supes is probably because I have reason far better comic books that involved Batman. You can run them off one after the other. The amount of amazing Superman stories I've read (imho) I can list on one hand;
1) Red Son
2) Whatever happened to...
3) All Star Superman
4) Superman vs The Elite
5) Superman for All Season

Then you are missing out my friend ! I liked your choices but let me add to that list

1) for the man who has everything, (possibly best 1 off Superman story ever! Written by Alan Moore, all hail Alan Moore, who also wrote your no 2 fave).

2) Man of Steel, the John Byrne Superman reboot -the first attempt to make the character relevant in the 21st century (way ahead of its time, as it was written in 1986 !)

3) Superman:Brainaic, by Geoff Johns. Seamless tie in with New Krypton,
a tight story, triumph and tragedy.

4) Last son. I'll admit there's been way too much Zod, in the last decade, and I kind of wish Superman would finish him off, much the same way Snyder's did. However, we get to see a different side of Clark Kent here, a paternal side.
Also, Geoff Johns again, with Richard Donner, the man himself who first
put Superman on the big screen (well, in colour anyway !)

5) Grounded: I just liked it, there you go.

and of course there's also Birthright (which wasn't my fav, but is highly acclaimed) and Kingdom come (which is essentially a Superman story)
and the Return to Krypton....

So,you are free to be on team Batman, and I don't blame you
because he's an equally great character, and I have a big list of
his greatest stories which are equally captivating reading.

However, you should have a read of some of the stories
I mentioned before dismissing the Last son of Krypton so easily.

There's a reason Superman's been around for 3/4 of a century.


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