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Default Re: The Mandarin in Iron Man 3...Love it or hate it? - Part 2

Either not paying attention, or not wanting to. There has most definitely been a bandwagon of backlash, if you will, with this film that still continues to snowball, and it has clouded people's judgment of this film if you ask me. I used to think that our fan community was a bit more keen than that, especially since so many people love to wax philosphical about TDK, but apparently not. IM3 featured much more nuance than either of its predecessors, but all people care to focus on is Trevor Slattery, while sweeping all of that nuance(his included) under the rug. It astonishes me that IM3 catches more heat than The Wolverine, a film that unquestionably butchered a much more popular villain, the Silver Samurai, and there was nowhere near the amount of thought, relevance, and creativity that went into the decision, either. A lot of the film connoisseurs in this community are perpetrating a fraud, as far as I'm conerned; this summer has simply reminded me of how fickle they can be.

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