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Cs Funny Re: Best Iron Man 4 and 5 Villains and Plot Ideas

Originally Posted by Dasher10 View Post
Speculated? Can you provide a source for these rumors? I'd like to see where you're getting Phase 4 rumors from.

Anyway, for Iron Man 4 I'd like to see the villains be Zeke Stane and Ghost. The end is that Zeke leaks the Iron Man armor schematics onto the internet which will lead into even more sequels and some fights against minor villains like Blizzard, Firebrand, Shockwave and Mauler.

Iron Man 5

Ultimo arrives as a mysterious humanoid statue that crash lands. It's a source of awe until it awakens and begins a campaign of destruction. This is where Tony begins to discover that he's an alcoholic.

Iron Man 6

Tony starts off in treatment at AA, trying to get his life back together. Unfortunately Sasha Hammer employs Madame Masque and Spymaster to assault Stark Industries, killing hundreds as a way of eliminating the competition. Now at rock bottom and falling off the wagon, Tony Stark sets out for revenge.

Iron Man 7

Arthur Parks starts out as a test subject working for Stark and then blames him when he's transformed into a being of pure energy. At this point Iron Man needs to accept that he's often irresponsible and reckless and he did create a monster through his own negligence.

Iron Man 8

Tony Stark confronts a superior copy of his armor known as the Titanium Man who's a disgruntled former employee. This is where Tony is forced to fight a former friend who decides that it's personal.

Save Fin Fang Foom for Guardians. He works better as a cosmic property. Given that Iron Man can join the GOTG in a sequel since he did in the comics, that's a very good way to bring the character to life. Besides, can you name many other cosmic villains that Fox can't claim rights to? As you yourself said, Iron Man as an IP needs to remain a little bit more grounded in reality which is why Killian never donned the his ten rings (well that and the fact that Fox owns the Brood so Mandarin can't get get his comics origin).
Ha ha ha. Dude, you really don't read the comics much and there is no way Marvel is doing 8 movies of Iron Man in the MCU. they only mentioned films 4 and 5 and FYI, Foom was NEVER a GOTG villain. He is one of Iron Man's main foes and because of what we saw in the past few films, the dragon is the primary choice for this film so which would you choose? A or B?

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