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Default Re: Who should play Brainiac?

Originally Posted by Rorschach2012 View Post
He doesn't have to be CGI though. I think he could be done with practical effects.

I like the idea of taking inspiration from the Geoff John's Brainiac, but also they should definitely use S:TAS for inspiration. I think because Ultron is being introduced over at Marvel, it'll be less likely that we see Brainiac portrayed as a living computer basically. I think it's more likely he'll be a soulless, cold, alien, scientist, collector, and I'm cool with that, because it opens up a lot more design possibilities if his skin is organic. Or maybe he started as a living creature but now he's something else? Anyways, I think Brainiac should be a lot scarier than he is usually, and today superhero movies are allowed to get away with having scary villains. I think they should take some cues from H R Giger's work.

Replace the tubes from this dude's mouth and eye, and have them in the classic triangle formation on Brainiac's head

Totally agree with using the Geoff Johns story as source material, one of my fave Superman stories ever !

As far as casting goes, cold cerebral villain ? Only one man comes to mind at the moment, CUMBERBATCH ! (which is almost as silly a name as brainiac).

I like your idea about a Giger look for Brainiac, as the folks at WB will want to move away from a look that resembles what Star Trek did with the Borg
. A more organic look might work, but then you don't want to go too Giger or you end up with comparisons with Prometheus/alien. IN fact one of the things they really got right in MOS was the distinctive organic look of kryptonian technology (yes, the genesis chamber did look a bit like the people farms in the Matrix ) and architecture.

Whichever way they go, Johns' story would provide some source material that would translate well to the big screen (for a Superman/Supergirl movie). Let's hope Snyder/Goyer/Nolan are listening.


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