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Default Re: Is Patrick Doyle coming back?

Originally Posted by Vartha View Post
I can see having some of the music the same like for Thor and crew on Asgard, but for the other Realms and Dark elves I'd like to hear something different for each this time around.

I would LOVE to hear the speech in my signature in Odin's Coronation for Thor this time tho.
Oh yes, I want to hear new theme's as well, but the main theme/s from Thor should be kept as they were amazing, plus, hearing that familiar music at the start of the movie is awesome for a sequel.

Originally Posted by Iron_Madrigal View Post
doesn't seem like marvel gives a crap about keeping any sort of continuity with themes in their movies. really dissapointing. when i watched kick-ass 2, hearing the theme during the opening brought back a lot of good feelings and elevated the movie for me.
Spot on, as I say above, its a huge part of the enjoyment of seeing a sequel when you hear that familiar music at the start, it was the same for STID as well.

Its something we unfortunately never got to experience in the X-Men movies, the Blade movies and the Iron Man movies.

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