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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - Part 3

Originally Posted by theShape View Post
Eh, I don't imagine Baldwin being what we got with Bale, especially not in the 89-92 era. I'm also glad we got Keaton. Loved him and still do. I'm just saying that in an alternate universe, there's a great chance that Baldwin would have been as good or better than Keaton, especially with the mysterious way Burton portrayed Bruce/Batman.
Well, I only mean that in the broadest, most general way possible. Keaton was cast against type and so people always look back to Baldwin because he seemed to be the more obvious choice. I'm just saying that for today's generation, Bale too was the guy who seemed like the obvious choice, who had the whole package and we actually got to see him the role.

Originally Posted by ЯɘvlveR View Post
if he hadn't been such a **** to burton (apprently he was difficult on the beetlejuice set) he probably would have gotten the role. we got beetlejuice, instead. i love keaton though.
I'm surprised he didn't try to make nice with Tim on the Beetlejuice set, if only to keep himself in the running for Batman since it was already known to be Burton's next project. Meanwhile Keaton probably had NO idea he was auditioning for Batman.

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