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Default Re: Batman hits women?

Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
Cuz this guys entire POV is based on a blatantly incorrect statement?
Which incorrect statement?

If you prefer a source which proves Batman hates criminals less polemic than the Cacophony's page I put before, here's the moment in Hush where Bruce almost kills the Joker and thinks in the most painful way to do it:

I don't think what stops Batman killing their enemies is sense of justice, I think he's afraid of taking a life due to his original trauma; his parents's death left in him such an impact than he doesn't wanna commit a murder, even if the victim deserves it. He's like an angry kid, and he feels the hatred typical of an immature boy. If he overcomes his trauma he would become something like the Punisher. He has the wrath and the determination, he's just limited by his infantile traumas (the rejection of murder, the obsession with the bats of the cave and the terror they made him feel, etc), and that is the reason he's such an interesting character.

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