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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - Part 3

Originally Posted by slumcat View Post

Slightly wooden actors like Kilmer and Bale seem to please audiences in such roles. So maybe Affleck will please audiences too.

But my favorite of course remains Keaton.
Slighty wooden actor? BALE? Oscar winning Christian Bale? American Psycho, the Mechanist, the Fighter, Christian Bale? One of the best actors of his generation?

And, adding to that... you like Mr. Mom better? Mr. "LETS GET NUTS!"? Have you watched that film lately?

Liking Keaton is one thing and depends on taste, but saying Bale is a wooden actor, on par with Affleck and Kilmer just shows how big your lack of understanding acting really is.

As I said before, just because you seem well mannered in threats, doesn't mean you are not a troll.

I believe in Ben Afflecks Batman!
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