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Default Re: What's The Team Going to look Like?

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
We already know they haven't contacted Mackie about being in the film, when they would have by now if Falcon were meant to have a role in it. Joss already said Ant-Man, and by extension Wasp, won't be in it. He's not talking out of his ass just because you want him to. He wasn't in the first movie for a reason, and Joss wasn't lying then. And for now it's unlikely Vision will be in the movie because Joss said they're doing away with the family tree stuff.

So, that's how I know none of those characters will be in the movie.
You dont know they havent contacted Mackie. They coukd just said that to keep it secret for now. And, Joss coukd def be talking out his ass and pulling a JJ Abrams "Khan is not in the movie" and Ant-Man and maybe Wasp could be in which I think is highly plausible because Ant-Man comes out mere months later and its villain is Ultron.

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