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Default Re: Characterization of the Knight - Nolan and Bale's Bruce Wayne/Batman - Part 2

Originally Posted by kvz5 View Post
We're on the same page. I always loved that quick flash of emotional vulnerability on her face when he first re-appeared in Gotham (before she reverted to her nonchalant one) after escaping the pit. And it also cracks me up how she had that look and Bruce is just all (ok, maybe more like just a ).
He's probably thinking, "Aww, isn't that cute, she has a heart after all!"

Originally Posted by kvz5 View Post
I've always interpreted it as him warning her that she shouldn't have trusted Bane with whatever deal they worked out (in exchange for Batman).
Well, it seems that most of the folks here seem to have interpreted it the other way.

Selina at least partially interpreted it like she shouldn't have led him to Bane, the way that she cracked when Blake asked her about Bruce. I mean, she didn't know how much Bruce was resolved to fight Bane in the first place. She even half-offered to apologize to him, which wouldn't have occurred to her at all if she hadn't felt guilty.

Originally Posted by kvz5 View Post
I don't think it was a coincidence too that she dresses (and styles) just like Rachel. Heck, she most likely researched on Rachel so she can make sure that she hits that special Rachel nerve on Bruce.

I do love me some parallels... Gotta love how they did similar actions but with totally different motivations:

They probably did, the that they are.

Also, if Bruce had said yes to Tatelia's offer of a flight outta there, I expect his face would have met with a chloroform-soaked towel in short order, so the result would have been the same no matter what.

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