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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman - Part 1

Originally Posted by Man.of.Tomorrow View Post
I dunno, I’ve seen quite a few interviews where they asked about his 'bulge', maybe he just got sick of it… either that or he’s exceptionally proud of his super-d*** and takes real offence at anyone suggesting that not every ounce of him is Kryptonian engineered perfection.
Originally Posted by Glassjaw View Post
I think it's the whole mild mannered English thing. I'm English too so I can see how it might be this. On the one hand you could take it as a joke, but on the other, that guy, whose he's never met before, just asked him about the size of his p***s at a national premiere. I'd probably be like 'well if that's your line of questioning, I've got about 100 other people I could talk to just over here.'
Originally Posted by Krumm View Post
I would have answered the same way. It's just a strange question.
I don't think there are many interviews about that, the one posted above is the only one where he was asked about his bulge.

And yeah maybe he's super proud of his manhood but it wasn't meant to be questioning it, I think it was a funny question and the interviewer expected a funny answer. It was Cavill who took the question seriously whether his bulge was stuffed. And honestly, these bulges are always stuffed. Even the great Christopher Reeve had help with his package.

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