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Default Re: Batman hits women?

Originally Posted by fimble View Post
As to the original post question: of course he hits women, he's not sexist.

To the question of whether he hates criminals, its selective. I'd say Batman hates his flat out evil villains like the Joker or Zsasz, but he definitely doesn't hate Harvey Dent or the Ventriloquist, as they are far more sympathetic characters. An example:

I can't see the image!

My doubt about the women is because the original trauma of Bruce is with a murderer man (Joe Chill), and his mother was a victim, so in his infantil mind women are victims, not executioners. It doesn't fit with his (deranged) vision of reality that women kill innocents, and I've never seen a comic (I mean a serious comic, not campy/pulp) where he expresses against a murderer woman the same wrath he feels against the murderer men (it's also true there aren't a lot of female villains).

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