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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman - Part 1

Originally Posted by slumcat View Post
I think its something else. I think he was very heavily schooled for MOS promotion. Watch some of his interviews from Feb-June 2011 and even November 2011 when he was promoting Immortals. He could actually be cocky and fun and joking and even a bit boastful. He had a personality then.

Cut to May-July 2013 when he is doing MOS promo and its like he's still in the character of Clark Kent. Almost excessively polite and humble and serious.

He has confessed to absolutely loving his bottle. He's a British lad after all. But poor guy doesn't get to drink much when he's training. He got to drink only once a week while training for Immortals and Man Of Steel and now for Batman Vs Superman.

Thought I am not sure he's as easily beatable in a push up contest. The dude that beat him was a hulking 6'6 250 pound rugby player behemoth. I have a feeling he would crush most normal fellas in a push up contest.
Yeah you've got a point with that actually. Didn't think of all the media training and schooling they'd have to go through for such a franchise.

And oh yeah Cavill could whup my ass in any kind of contest, no question!! I feel like a weaker man just looking at him. That dude that beat him was a beast!

I don't think he seems to be ageing fast either, as an OP said? I actually thought he looked pretty young in those fan pics that were posted recently...?

Eh, the eye of the beholder I guess...!

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