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Default Re: Should this have a Batman Villian and if so who should it be?

Originally Posted by Airwings View Post

The Nolan villains again, hahaha.
Joker isn't the only maniac with mind games, you know. I'm sure Riddler can be just as difficult for Supes.
As for Joker being a "Nolan villain" , he's a Batman villain who had been done twice in live action films before anyone heard the name Chris Nolan. So has the Riddler and Penguin, so its not like they haven't had their shot before. But if the arguement is based purely on someone who Nolan hasn't used ,and if the Riddler fits the BVS story that Goyer is cracking, i'd be for it. Ultimately what matters is the story and the villain or villains have to work in the context of that story.

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