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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane

Originally Posted by Human Torch View Post
I'd be all for it.

But unfortunately,the double standard that exists for SH films/series wouldn't allow for it.It seems the generic "cat-suit" is the most sexy thing a woman can wear.The men,on the other hand must still have their obligatory shirtless scenes in every movie/episode.
Clark being shirtless after the oil rig is part of Zack Snyder's masculine chic look (like Leonidas in 300), and it also contrasts this Superman to those played by Brandon Routh or Tom Welling, who looked and behaved more like adolescent boys. It's a good scene for the movie, it gave it a more adult and thus more serious feel. It ties into the narrative, Henry Cavill doesn't just look like a man, he acts like one (unlike Routh X-raying his ex-girlfriend's apartment).

I don't think there's a sexiness double standard. Goyer/Snyder have a certain vision of Lois Lane, that of the career woman, personified by her ambition and her professional effectiveness. That explains all of the outfits we saw of her in the movie, it amplified that characterisation. All serious businesswomen outfits, with an absence of colour. The is the most colourful and least professional outfit she wore in the movie lol:

In addition to that, the white mini skirt and magenta blazer doesn't need to be racy. If it's anything close to the cartoon outfit, viewers will understand and appreciate the shoutout, they can make the skirt a little longer lol. It's also conceivable that neither Goyer nor Snyder ever watched the animated series, so this idea would never occur to them. I didn't see them lift many ideas out of STAS at all, whereas they clearly lifted from Birthright and from Earth One.

The sexiness double standard may be a secondary effect, in that it's hard to show women in their underwear on screen without looking like a tool, because so many shows and movies use skin as a substitute for good writing, for example Star Trek into Darkness, and that leaves a lot of viewers cynical. My view is: skin shots are perfectly fine, as long as they are tasteful and relevant to the story.

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