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Default Re: Best Iron Man 4 and 5 Villains and Plot Ideas

Originally Posted by Spider-Cross View Post
Ha ha ha. Dude, you really don't read the comics much and there is no way Marvel is doing 8 movies of Iron Man in the MCU. they only mentioned films 4 and 5 and FYI, Foom was NEVER a GOTG villain. He is one of Iron Man's main foes and because of what we saw in the past few films, the dragon is the primary choice for this film so which would you choose? A or B?

Foom is also now a pacifist in the comics. Clearly I'm familiar with the character if I can name a crapton of villains off the top of my head. Also, Foom and Ultimo are completely different. One's a giant space dragon who likes to ham it up. The other is like a giant monolith who lacks a personality and is more like a force of nature. They're not the same.

Also, why would Ghost work with Foom? He's more likely to fight alongside Mandarin, Zeke Stane and Spymaster in the comics.

I just feel that Iron Man needs to be a bit more grounded and Fin Fang Foom might stretch the audience's sense of disbelief. Then again, we're getting a talking raccoon and MODOK may show up in Ant-Man. There may be room for Foom to appear but I kind of like the armored foes like Blizzard and Madame Masque a bit more. That and Foom would need a LOT of CGI to bring him to life. That's expensive.

And these are ideas for five sequels with the role of Tony Stark being recast 2 or 3 times starting with Phase 4.

You still never mentioned what you meant by, "speculated." You provided no source and degenerated to insults.

Also, Killian was Mandarin, not MODOK. A villain who was designed at a time when China was a scary communist country and not a major trading partner wouldn't work today. That's why Mandarin was Guy Pierce. The idea that AIM won't live on in sequels is preposterous as they have multiple villains they can use. If anything MODOK is more believable than Foom is, he just needs to be handled in a way that's more creepy than goofy.

That and I still doubt that the Mandarin is actually dead. One punch from Pepper isn't going to kill him.

And why if you're suck a big fan, why do you think Sasha Hammer is Madam Masque instead of Detroit Steel, when Whiteney Frost/Guiletta Nefaria has always been Madam Masque. and feel that Blizzard and Living Laser are bigger threats than Zeke Stane or Spymaster?

Also, Shane Black did originally want to use Foom as the villain. I don't see him appearing unless Killian survived and Foom can grant him the rings (one of his two origins, the other is that he forged his rings through stolen Brood material after slaughtering a ship full of them).

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