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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane

Originally Posted by Szetsilya View Post
And indefinitely do not think Amy is the definitive Lois Lane; I have said this often that there was hardly anything Lois Lane about her, she was too soft in almost everything she did. They threw in one line when she first showed up to remind people this is Lois Lane but Amy delivered it with no spark or attitude. Amy is not my favorite Lois but there was nothing fan girl about her. Fan girl Lois' are Margot Kidder, Teri Harcher and even Erica with her dumb obsession with a distorted voice on a telephone.
Amy's Lois was researching who this mysterious man was and developed a connection with him over time. They came off more as friends who trust each other as equals, not as a woman drooling over a hott man who can fly.
I think that Lois Lane established sexual interest in the movie when she explained to her work partner why she leaked the story to the blogger, she referred to him as "my mystery man".

I agree with you overall, but I think it's important to assign blame to the writing and not to Amy Adams. We should all know what Amy Adams is capable of doing when she's handling a competent script. Heck, she was even very convincing in Smallville season 1 as the meteor freak of dieting, in season 1 of The Office as Jim's love interest, and in Buffy season 6 as Tara's cousin.

She's not the definitive Lois, but she easily could be.

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