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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane

I totally agree on how talented and versatile Amy is, she truely is that. I actually think despite her tremendous versatility however, Lois Lane just isn't in her particular skill-set. And I think all actors have one, because, y'know they are human too and no human being can pull off any character on-screen. Everyone has a skill-set and Amy's happens to be massive.

While I think the writing really let her down and didn't get the chance to explore her much (I actually feel we got to know Margot's Lois better than Amy's.) And yes, I do feel she tried hard and acted her socks off, I still think Lois just isn't exactly in her skill-set. If you're a Hollywood director, for instance, you have to know actors skill-sets, because if you have a particular chracter in mind, you want to know who can pull off that character. That's when you start looking at actors skill-sets. Of course it does often come down to audition though. I guess Amy just nailed her audition. I went into the movie with an open mind. But to me, she was playing a strong gutsy reporter woman and the love interest/ girlfriend of Superman, but she wasn't playing Lois Lane.


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