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Default Re: What would you have done differently?


-Merge the characters of Qui-Gon/Maul/Dooku. Make him the Vader of the PT.
-Replace Naboo with Alderaan.
-Make Padme NOT a princess. One idea I had was that she's a slave friend of Anakin's on Tattooine, and in Episode II it's revealed that she's the lost Queen of Alderaan.
-Tell the trilogy through Anakin's perspective.
-Make him older from the get-go and cast DiCaprio.
-No Jango Fett. Replace him with some other ORIGINAL bounty hunter character.
-Yoda SHOULDN'T have a lightsaber.
-Cast Morgan Freeman as Mace Windu rather than Samuel L. Jackson.
-No General Grievous.
-Shake up the Clone Wars. Have Episode I open with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan investigating a mysterious cloning factory on Tattooine. Qui-Gon is captured, Obi-Wan escapes and meets Anakin and Padme. When I first heard the Clone Wars spoken about in ANH, it seemed like a war fought by clone armies on both sides. So this mysterious cloning factory on Tattooine is producing an army to battle the Republic (secretly being controlled by Palpatine) and the Jedi hear that the Sith are behind it. When they attack, Palpatine is desperately lobbying to be elected Supreme Chancellor and when he is in Episode II, he can promise to "end the war and save the galaxy" by producing his own army of clones. Palpatine now has two vast armies.
-Qui-Gon is revealed as a Sith Lord at the end of Episode I. We already know the character is rebellious to the Council, so give him the viewpoint that the Jedi will soon destroy themselves and that he's trying to "save the galaxy" himself or whatever. Something like that. Then in Episode III, when Palpatine is trying to make Anakin come over to the Dark Side, he convinces him to kill Qui-Gon so he can become Darth Vader.
-The politics of the trilogy never made sense to me. Too convoluted. A much simpler way for Palpatine to achieve power? In Episode I we have a Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, who's well-liked and stuff. Palpatine is one of two or three other candidates tipped to replace him once he leaves office. In Episode II, now that he's orchestrated the beginning of the Clone Wars and the galaxy is well in the midst of it, order the original bounty hunter who is not Boba Fett's dad to kill the Chancellor. At the end, Palpatine is elected as his replacement.
-Why would Yoda let Obi-Wan train Anakin if he along with the REST of the Council sensed great darkness in him? At the end of Episode I make Obi-Wan and Anakin rogue Jedi's who are then called upon by the Council/Republic to help fight in the Clone Wars at the start of Episode II because they're great assets and stuff.

Maybe I went a little overboard.

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