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Default Re: Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 2

El's more in the know than most.

Jett knew, apparently from him, that the sequel would feature Batman, and we were all calling BS before it was confirmed.

WB throw a lot of red herrings and white lies out there to guard their business and secrets. El Mayimbe gets them and he can make mistakes. I know the WW film and Hulk Planet things were bogus, but it's easy in that business, to make mistakes.

And the last I heard El mention anything of Cranston was that while he heard the names of Lex, Cranston and Mark Strong thrown about under the same breath, naturally, you assume it's one of them. El thought that it was going to be him, through Breaking Bad finishing. WB had a major actor coming out a major show on their hands.

But it was never the case. El then said that WB were listening to fans suggestions about them wanting Cranston for Gordon. Then he removed all the tweets and has never mentioned him since. Likely because of the **** storm CBN and the media caused.

CBN confirming Cranston dropped out of the film isn't fact.'s confirming and strengthening it's own BS.
Even El called the writer of the article lying scum when it all started.

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