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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by KillerMcQueen View Post
I wouldn't want it that big, one thing I dislike about Ross's work is that he often makes the Superman and Batman logos so large that they often get distorted by the characters bodies, however the symbol in TDK/TDKR was way too small, and hidden by the excess of details covering the suit. I think a symbol about the same size as the one we saw in Batman Begins would be good, honestly can't figure out why they changed the symbol for the other movies.
I think the change was sort of forced on them. It may have been a compromise for the type of Batsuit they were going for...

That was perhaps my only complaint about the TDK/R Batsuit; the logo. The chest did not have to be segmented that much. They could have kept the logo intact with a one-piece on the chest. I don't really understand why they didn't.

On a different topic: is there a comprehensive list of all the Batsuits ever featured in every medium Batman's ever been in? You can see a link in my signature where I ask for such images, but no one ever really responded, and the one picture I can find is horribly drawn and missing so many Batsuits! I'm trying to collect pictures of all the official Batsuits ever featured so far, then I want to start on the concepts and fanarts drawn by people. I'm just looking for a collection, and it may or may not develop into a video project, depending on my time. If there's at least a list out there that I can use to do Google Image searches from, that'd be awesome.


My request for pictures of all the Batsuits.

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