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Default Re: Time travel method and ripple effect thread

It may not just be the sentinels.It could also be certain things from Last stand too.

If there Is any truth to Cyclops and Jean rumors that Is how that would work however that remains an If.

Bryan Singer's fix a few things comments hint at something being changed but very doudtful we will get a massive change that happened with Star Trek.

We still don't know what exactly the time travel is trying to change.One idfference from most time travel stories Is we should be getting a cut between future and past to remind audence of the stakes plus report say at some point kitty Is suspose to be injured requireing them to get rogue so WOlverine will be able to return.If they show what happens after time travel at end of film it's likely wolverine may be audence point of view with his mind returning to altered future.

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