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Default Re: How about costume design?

Originally Posted by Artistsean View Post
I think they should have a variety of uniforms they wear, with variations on the Fantastic
Four's classic design. Short sleeves on some, long sleeves,II fingerless gloves on some,
variations for space, under water, relaxing, in battle, etc.

Here Sue is wearing an FF jacket. More casual.

FF space suits

Fantastic Four uniforms for the cold

Fantastic Four under water suits

Fantastic Four space suits

Here Sue is wearing a Fantastic Four uniform that isn't so tight fitting. Maybe they can
wear baggy stuff sometimes.

Like in this one of the Thing, he is just wearing a Fantastic Four shirt,
blue with the 4 symbol.

This one too. But Imagine this in blue, instead of white
and imagine its maybe their main action uniform but not their only:
That idea is perfect. One thing I like about F4 is they had different costumes for different occassions. (That and how Johnny's hair changed in each arc. I know it was because of different artists but It worked since it was Johnny)

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