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Default Re: An Argument For A Batman Who Is At The Peak Of Human Conditioning.

Repost of mine from the fighting style thread.

Peak markmanship with Batarangs:

Speaking of comic book accurate Batarangs...

You know, the more and more you research the real life counterparts of what Batman does in terms of fighting, training, and techniques, you almost gain a new sense of respect and wonder for the character.

I think it's because you slowly realize that all of these things can be done by a real person if they completely dedicated themselves to it 100%. That's really what makes Batman great.
Peak agility in an urban landscape:

Amazing feats by Shaolin Monks:

Throwing a needle through a piece of glass.

Monk balancing on two fingers.

Near superhuman speed and reaction time.

Ability to absorb blows at full force.

Shaolin Monks go through brutal and rigorous mental/physical training in order to reach the peak of human conditioning.

As we know from the comics, Bruce spent many years training under all sorts of masters of various disciplines.

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