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Default Re: Underrated CB movies

Originally Posted by Green Goblin View Post
I don't get the complaint about the Lizard's design, granted I would have liked a bigger snout but a very big one would have looked silly when talking [...]At least the Lizard's look is based off a version of him.
Agreed, very good points here. However, therein lies the problem for me - the idea of cross species genetics would have been far more powerful for me if they showed just how much the animal could truly take over. Connors from the beginning of his transformation, right until the end, had full command over his intellect - he was able to talk normally, and even make a cocktail of chemicals for a homemade grenade in a matter of seconds.

It would have been far more terrifying and infinitely more interesting if his change to the Lizard was more gradual, and his eventual transformation was more or less like it was in the comics - with very limited speech (if any)

He just wasn't scary at all, and it was a missed opportunity based on an insistence to grant him fully capable speech

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