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Default Re: Time travel method and ripple effect thread

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
And why? Cyclops is not even present in both time periods. He has no role in the story at all. I know bringing back Cyclops is like a big request from the fans. But like I said, they aren't going to the past to save Cyclops. Their mission is about another subject.
Just because Scott isn't the focus of their mission doesn't mean whatever mucking around they do won't have an effect on other things. In fact, unintended "side effects" like that are pretty common in time travel movies. And Singer did suggest that there would be changes as a result of the time travel in DoFP. This is his full quote from when he was asked at SDCC if he was going to make changes to the continuity of the previous films:
A: Of the universe as established in the movies?

Q: Yes.

A:Yes, there is some of that.

Q: Okay.

A: Whenever you're going back in time -- and this is every bit as much a time travel movie as it is an X-men, you...there is those risks. So, and yet there are certain... yeah, so some of that's going to happen, and yet there are some things that, um, you know, if you believe in certain physics, multi-verses and...things like that, and then you also have a respect for the continuity as we have it.

But mine is...I'm less so entraped in those previous films, and again I'm not the audience I'm just the film-maker, but I do believe in certain continuity that we'll maintain but some things will change. It's the nature of time travel: you go back and mess about, things happen. So that's something that -- some of those rumors are probably -- somewhat true.
That being said, when it comes specifically to Scott, I'm inclined to think Fox just DGAF about him. They CAN bring him back, and DoFP is a golden opportunity for it. I'm just not so sure they want to.

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