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Default Re: Time travel method and ripple effect thread

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
It sounds like you want him to be back just for the sake of it and its Cyclops. Its better if they map this out carefully, that they aren't just bringing Cyclops back because people want him back but they are bringing Cyclops back because they actually have a new story about Cyclops to tell.

Anyway we shall see, if Cyclops returns because of mutants time-traveled to different time periods and changed time periods. Fine but I just don't think as a character, he would automatically improved in the next movie. But if they already have a story in store for him from the moment that they brought him back, then thats gonna be more promising.
The studio never seems to have cared much about Cyclops so I don't think they would agree to the character returning unless a very good story idea is put forward.

There are lots of stories that see Cyclops play a central part. They could involve Sinister (like in the animated series, where he needed Cyclops and Jean to create a perfect strain of mutant) and also Apocalypse (there's a story where Cyclops is one of the The Twelve needed by Apocalypse to evolve into a god).

Singer would soon be able to come up with a great story concept that put Cyclops in a key role. Sinister and Apocalypse seem like very likely villains to appear in the franchise next anyway.

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