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Well, he was.
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Default Re: Time travel method and ripple effect thread

Adding the Sentinels then taking them away wouldn't be fixing anything from previous movies, it has to be something more

I reckon X3 will have play out differently in the new canon after DOFP and Jean or atleast Scott will never have died. How they do that however would be interesing since the events of X3 are not the subject of the time travel or anywhere near the era.

It could be as simple as 70s Charles seeing in Logans mind what happened to Scott and then as lives out his life upto that point in time, he prevents that from happening by sending the whole X-Team to stop Jean when she ressurects at the beginning of X3. Thus she never kills Scott.

Think of it like Marty's letter to Doc about the Libyans killing him. Doc wore the bulletproof vest and changed his fate even though he and his death in 1985 were a part of the time travel of that movie, he had information about the future and used it. Prof X could do the same by preventing Scott from going alone to Alkali Lake.

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No. While I will argue to the death he he is essential, they actually have a golden opportunity to bring him back wihtin the story. And alot of interviews back up that this issue will be fixed. There is no greater issue that needs fixing.
I haven't seen anything regarding Cyke from DOFP news. other than that one of James Marsdan with Halle Berry on a flight near the filming.


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