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Default Re: Time travel method and ripple effect thread

I don't think they will be coming back, and based on the one rumor we've had, it would simply be fanboy wishful thinking that left most of us disappointed after TLS. Different director, different management, yeah, yeah, yeah... but it's still big time wishful thinking.

The way to do it is probably Logan dropping hints to Xavier. Or Xavier gathers this information by reading Logan's mind. Do those memories/flashbacks affect Xavier and the X-Men's actions in the future? I don't see why they would not. In that sense, I could see them adding a scene where Cyke and Jean reunite with Logan at the end, with a completely different set of circumstances having played out. Then you can flesh that out in FC3. But I think the general audience reaction would just be, "WTF, how did these guys come back too?"

So yeah, I don't see it. Probably just focuses on the events that set the Sentinels in motion. Singer's "fixing things"??? We can only speculate.

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