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Default Re: **fan-art thread: Man of steel 2**

Originally Posted by Mister Meddle View Post
I definitely like the version with the oval badge. It's been awhile since a live action Batman sported it on film.
That's because the yellow oval is nonsensical in a world where Batman is a mysterious creature of the night. It works in the era of silver age comics and Adam West, but as soon as he went back to his pulp detective roots, the garish design makes no sense at all. Even with the bogus excuse that the bright color draws a criminal's fire to his armored spots. I mean, what does that excuse say about Robin's garish colors?

I would even go as far as saying that it was a major mistake for Burton's films to do it like that, but it makes a lot of sense for the Schumacher films. Ironically though, the Schumacher films were when they started to tone it back, but I think that's just because that when Burton did the movies he did, the comics had the yellow oval, and when Schumacher did his, the comics had moved away from it.

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