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Default Re: The Joker's background?

A theory into his life.

I don't believe his parents were bad.
They might, though I'm not too sure, might've been too strict on him. He has issues with wanting to obtain total freedom and listening to a higher authority.
This might have something to do with his upbringing. He could've felt trapped under their harsh rules that he to abide by.
He MIGHT have killed his parents. But I don't believe he would have done it as a child.
It's interesting to note, whenever he brings his father up in conversation, he raises his knife to someone's face.
Do I believe his father had something to do with his mental state? Yes. But I cant determine whether or not it was because he was a good man or a bad man.
Honestly? I think his father was a good person, perhaps a bit too strict, but nevertheless, a good man.
A point is, when Joker tells the story to Gambol, he's clearly thinking and imagining and lying about his father.
All Joker knows is, is that he hates his father, not for being good or bad, but for being a domineering presence in his life. A presence that made him feel that his life and freedom was not his own. A man with one rule - that he is in charge of what happens in his son's life.

It probably added to Joker's philosophy, that the only sensible way to live in the world is without rules. Without them, we are free to behave the way we want, the way we truly are inside, according to him.

He never seems to blame himself. It's either his father or "wife" that gets the blame for the way he is.
His feelings towards his father is hatred, though he's probably not sure why he feels that way.
With his "wife", it was love. A desire to see her smile after her face was scarred.

Joker is OBESSESED with mutilation. He needs to tell a story that involves him being mutilated. Why?
Because it haunts him. I'm certain he mutilated his face in an attempted suicide. When people are traumatized, they obviously feel the need to talk about the problem with someone who will listen. Joker has Gambol, Rachel and Batman in his clutches when relaying his story of mutilation upon them. Though Batman managed to knock Joker off the building before he could tell his new tale.
Joker had Harvey at his mercy, but didn't relay his story. Why? I believe it was because Harvey was mutilated in his own way. He didn't feel the need to do it, because Harvey was now physically and mentally damaged, ripe for Joker's brainwashing.

I find it interesting though. After Joker tells his story he proceeds to cut and kill his victim. He's like an abuser, passing on his pain to others. Forcing them into things they don't want to do. He takes away the freedom of certain individuals in order for them to listen and see what he wants them to. A control his father before him, perhaps?

I don't believe it was father that caused his breakdown. But I believe him to be a contributing factor.
I believe Joker cracked up because he couldn't make sense of things anymore through a philosophical view of societal and social existence. Yet, he focused on the existence of rules. He hated rules. They prevented him from doing what he wanted and being who he inherently thought he was, who we all are. Absurd human beings. Evil. Nothing but jokes. Crazy for being blinded to the truth, because of our rules grounding us to a decent society.

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