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Default Re: Time travel method and ripple effect thread

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
There are lots of stories that see Cyclops play a central part. They could involve Sinister (like in the animated series, where he needed Cyclops and Jean to create a perfect strain of mutant) and also Apocalypse (there's a story where Cyclops is one of the The Twelve needed by Apocalypse to evolve into a god).

Singer would soon be able to come up with a great story concept that put Cyclops in a key role. Sinister and Apocalypse seem like very likely villains to appear in the franchise next anyway.
That what I want to see!

I don't think I would hope Cyclops to get more role if he just magically appeared at the end of DOFP and his return is not related to the plot of the next movie.

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