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Default Re: HBO's Boardwalk Empire

Originally Posted by runawayboulder View Post
"I would never put anything alive in a box."

Reeeeeeeeaaaaal smooth, Nuck.
Ha, yeah! That was hilarious. Followed moments later by Mickey's "If I had to live here, I'd kill myself." A couple of great foot-in-mouth moments.

Originally Posted by squeekness View Post
I also wasn't sure what the point of showing Margret was. I don't think she is coming back. It seemed like a sort of "check in" moment for me.
I thought the same thing at first, but thinking about it more it seems like the point was more to do with the effect of Eddie's death on Nucky rather than anything to do with Margret. Showing Nucky reach out like that, his helplessness and vulnerability, reaching to the bottom of the barrel for someone to take care of him. And of course Margret basically said go screw, so we're shown Nucky is truly alone for the first time.


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