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Default Re: The Joker's background?

I don't agree totally with you, I think you're forgetting a key detail in the Joker's existence: Batman. I think Batman's the reason of the Joker's existence, and I'm not refering to the man behind the clown make-up, I'm talking about the character. I think the Joker was a man with a very high spiritual level who disregarded social rules and habits, but not a specially dangerous or violent one. He was like the voluntary tramp of Nietzsche who's beyond the goals imposed by society (money, power, stability...) and who limits himself to exist. Until Batman appears. Batman is his nemesis, obsessed with a vast war he can't ever win (a war against the violence, which is a primordial part of human being), and he's such crazy that the pre-Joker sees himself forced to act. And he acts.

He creates the Joker persona, he cuts his face and with the make-up gives himself the appearance of a clown. He wants to mirror Batman in a ridiculous way, mocking him. That's the reason behind the attacks of the hospital and the ferrys, he wants to force people to be violent and kill in order to show Batman that everyone can be a criminal and, consequently, that his crusade is totally absurd. He wants to show Batman HE is the real clown.

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