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Default Re: What would you have done differently?

So has everyone heard of I mean, most SW fans have probably heard of The Phantom Edit and The Attack of the Phantom. They were decent I suppose, definitely more watchable.

But the problem is that there are more flawed-to-bad scenes in the movies as a whole that they are almost not worth saving. I was going to propose a new idea that I'm not opposed to anyone stealing. I want to try it myself but I need to do a lot of research and practice video editing and it will take a while.

Basically the concept would be to take the OT and splice the greatest (often most integral) scenes from the PT in as flashbacks. So for instance, around the scene where Obi Wan says to Luke "I was once a jedi knight, the same as your father" it would fade to the anakin/obi wan vs dooku scene from III or something of the like.

for an example of what I mean you can check out this video (its not mine by the way):

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