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Default Re: HBO's Boardwalk Empire

Liked the rock'em, sock'em sex down south. Liked seeing Harrow back. Wonder where that's leading. If he gets drawn back into the life I'll bet dollars to donuts that Gillian is at the root of it all. Chalky wouldn't be a true gangster if he didn't eventually take a mistress. Check on that. Glad to see Lucky back. Need to keep developing those gangster muppet babies. I about when Eli gave Knox the letter to translate. I still think there's something in there that implicates him which he left out. And the hankerchief had the initials 'JIK' with the K being likely for Knox. I think the significance is the question of why would a "hayseed of the highest order" like he's supposed to be have a monogrammed hankerchief. It'll come up again. I don't think this was a one-off for Margaret. I get the sense that she'll be back soon. Maybe she's the victim of one of Nucky's enemies and that might leave him to care for the kids? I dunno.

Anyway, Capone vs. the cops next episode. Yay!

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