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Default Re: The Joker's background?

It's a theory, and a one I agree with on a few levels.

Joker became who he was because of Batman, he was influenced.
But I don't agree it was primarily through Batman.
It goes back further.
The story about his scars, it's because he's traumatized.
To me, he's had them for years and he's obsessed with with them.
When he says
"I believe whatever doesn't kill you..."
He's clearly referring to his own failed sucide attempt. He survived and it made him "stranger".
He likes to use knives and exact mutilation on others. He's performing on others, what he did to himself years prior to TDK. He survived having his face cut open and others usually don't.
So, upon his survival, he was messed up.

And of course, it couldn't have been done without seeing Batman.

So I imagine he was mental for a long time before seeing Batman, and seeing the changes this costumed freak was making to society in Gotham, it gave him the kick to unleash his true self, the Joker.

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