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Default Re: Daredevil reboot in the near future?

With the news that Marvel's proposing 4 new shows (plus a mini-series) to some cable and online video streaming broadcasters, it's possible (or probable, even) that a Daredevil show is imminent.

Which completely fits, because IMO, a Daredevil show ought to be serialized and not procedural. Something akin to the tone of Damages would be an excellent fit. The entire season could center around a case that Murdock is currently trying. Something that looks pretty straightforward at first but then reveals many deeper levels of darkness, cover ups and conspiracy; which would seamlessly segue into Mardock NEEDING his Daredevil persona to cut through all the sleaze, fighting his way up the chain to finally discover that a rather large fellow by the name of Wilson Fisk is pulling the strings...

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