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Default Re: The Joker's background?

But his scars don't look like the product of a failed suicide, don't? If someone wants to kill himself he doesn't cut his mouth in that way, there are ways much more effectives to get it. It looks more probable he made it during a psychotic outbreak, but it carries me to my second point:

The Ledger's Joker doesn't act like a psychotic/schizophrenic person, their actions along the movie doesn't correspond with that kind of subject. He knows what he's doing in every moment and how to get everything he wants, and that fits better with a psychopath totally centered in a mission, a psychopath who has created the Joker character to achieve it, being the stories of the scars just part of his performance. Why did he cut his mouth? To have a frightening appearance opposed to Batman's. Why does he tell different stories about the scars? To confuse their victims (and the spectators) and parody the traumatic origins of the typical movie villains. Why he mentions his father two times? Maybe he really hated him, maybe not, I don't know, but I'm sure it isn't important for what he's doing now (during the film, I mean), just part of the dramatic effect.

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