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Default Re: The Official James McAvoy/Professor Xavier Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by henzINNIT View Post
I was well primed seeing his turn in Trance. A little disappointed I missed Welcome To The Punch in theatres now.
I think that he was amazing in Trance, and I was lucky enough to see it on the big screen, because the film itself is really beautifully done. I didn't see Punch in theatres, but it's not the great film I thought it would be. I believe that the director edited it a lot to try to sell it in the US, and it didn't work very well in the end. James was good, but all the editing didn't help his character's arc.

The problems that Filth is having with distribution in the US and ROW now is that the director and producers (and James is one of them) don't want to cut scenes or change them to make the film more palatable. I applaud them for their commitment to the story they wanted to tell, but probably Filth won't be released theatrically all over the world.

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