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Default Re: The Joker's background?

Yeah, I don't see it as a suicide attempt. Now im leaning towards it being, that the Joker put on the suit and the makeup once Batman appeared. The scars could have been done once he heard of Batman, or it was done right before. But I don't see it as a suicidal attempt, because if that was the case, Batmans existence is what gave him a reason to carry on. I only don't see that because he would probably keep trying to kill himself while in Arkham for 8 years.

Of course TDKR novelization isn't 100 percent canon so maybe he did off himself in the institute which could work within the whole "joker is not mentioned 8 years later (we all know the real reason). But I still believe he escapes Arkham during the breakout, feeling reinvigorated that the Batman is back to take back the city.

This is a sick person, check the details on the diary. He's been sick for a long time. He really is like a minion of the devil challenging God's word, nice one Rodrigo.

A persons upbringing has to do with this kind of thing. So obviously the father is to blame for some of it. But I don't think it goes too deep within the father. This is somebody who has been stomped on by society over and over again.

So no suicide, not in my opinion, he did it to himself sure and used it to show the world something ugly. The scars represent what he feels on the inside, he's trying to show the people who he really is. Just like Bruce's batman is a representation of the shadowy, dark character he is but it's also going to the extreme to scare criminals. Joker's whole get-up and scars is to show people that everything is a sick joke. Not just a joke, otherwise he'd just dress up like a clown. But a sick pathetic, disgusting joke. Fear plays a part in all of this.

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