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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane - Part 1

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
Really? You see One Season, which is consisted of mainly 22 episodes, an hour each, being the same as ONE film that is just barely 2 hours and an half?

And better yet, you would just target an actress's worth in their role based on ONE episode, let alone their first?

Wow, that is without a doubt the most ridiculous thing that I've EVER heard dude.
Yes. Movie's have a bigger production, the top, highly paid writers are hired to write it. They play out epic stories. Actresses on television don't have that luxury, they have to deal with comedy, bad storylines and crap episodes a lot of the time. The writers are more low pay and there's no guarantee they are any good. In television the schedule is very difficult. They normally have to work 8-10 hours a day, 6 days a week to bring out 45 minute episodes week-by-week. They aren't paid much. In movies actors and actresses take out months just to film something worth 2 hours. They are paid a gold mine. There are lots of reasons why actors/ actresses in films have it easier than in television. There are lots of reasons why actors/ actresses seem more epic in films, than they would in television. There are millions of dollars which goes into making them look good and seem exciting. In television there is a few thousand. In my opinion sometimes it's a case of actors who rise to what they have more than actors who were given lots to work with. You have to take that into consideration.

I think one season vs one movie is a somewhat fair comparison. What happens in movies is epic. What happens in television is not to epic, this makes television actors look bad. If not, when I said or one episode, if you don't think that is a fair comparison perhaps their first two episodes. So for Teri Hatcher, Pilot and Strange Visitor (From Another Planet) and for Erica, Crusade and Gone. Both total the time of the movies.

If you don't want to compare/ actors/ actresses that's fine, but it isn't ridiculous and if you are to compare them, you need to measure accurately, so that both actors have equal opportunity.

Why does her hair color matter that much? She has had strides of red hair in the comics and in other previous incarnations.
Teri and Erica had brown hair. It doesn't matter that much. It just makes it more iconic to the comics.


"The red capes are coming. The red capes are coming."

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