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Default Re: The Joker's background?

I don't think he ever was stomped by society, I think he's a very alpha male (you can watch his possible young version in the film Hesher I mentioned before). He could've been a bohemian artist, a drug-addict, a homeless, all of this during his previous life. The rules of society, the law and the order don't bother him cause they are rational. I mean, the police are normal people who makes a work for money, and in general people obey rules because is better to do it.

But, when Batman appears, his mind breaks. Batman isn't like the ordinary police, no, no: Batman is crazy. He doesn't do what he does for money or for any rational reason. He is a lunatic obsessed with order, a man dressed like a bat who appears from nowhere and attacks the criminals (people who don't follow the laws). I think the Joker perceives Batman like a direct menace to his free will, and his actions during the film are just a reaction to this menace. He defends himself of the threat of Batman, and he does it attacking and mocking the social values which have allowed (and allows) his existence.

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